We are a tribe of 9!

We take pride in every customer that honors us by wearing or displaying our merchandise. We provide the following products & services:


Tribe 9 Design is an apparel & unique gifting company. We utilize our top of the line direct-to-garment printer, pretreat machine, large format sublimation printer, high performance poster printer and four color vinyl printer to produce high quality, long-lasting, and unique custom designed gifts & apparel. We focus strongly on promoting a drug-free life, women empowerment, LGBT pride and community outreach. We also offer apparel printing to local businesses. We can print apparel for events big or small, shirts for companies, employee uniforms, schools, sporting events, and more! 

We offer promotional product printing, personalized gifts, signage for your business and more!

Our Family

Our tribe includes a group of women from ages 4 thru....well we will leave the last number unsaid. We come from all walks of life and have been thru so much together. 2 members of our tribe are 2 crazy rescue dogs Lua and Paisley. Our niche is creating apparel for empowering women to be strong and become leaders. We also have a major focus on living a drug-free life. Our oldest daughter has struggled with addiction. We have firsthand experience with what many families are going through. We make apparel that enforces the message that having the right 'Tribe' of friends or family can pull you through anything.

Our Mission

When a customer visits our website we strive for them to look into the meaning behind our collections and why we are doing what we are doing. It’s not just about designing and creating apparel and gifts. It’s much more than that. Behind these designs are passionate women on different journey’s and different time periods in their lives. We all have a story (including our beloved dogs). We have all survived something and some are still struggling to find their way. Our tribe’s unique passion is portrayed in every item created. Every package that gets shipped out the door leaves with the unique energy of our tribe of 9.

Our Strategy

The key to success of our products is quality and unique designs. We will not skimp on quality. That’s why we have invested in top of the line, cutting edge equipment to produce a quality product that will last and look as sharp today as it did when it was purchased. Our designers have worked in the industry for over 20 years and they bring to the market a sleek and hip look to all of our designs. Our designs are one of a kind. Any package shipped from our online store will be crafted with care and prestige. We take pride in every customer that honors us by wearing or displaying our merchandise.

"Our 'tribe' is diverse and passionate. This drives us to success and hopefully inspire others to be strong and be the leaders they were born to be."

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