About Us

We Are a Tribe of 9!

Our tribe includes a group of women from ages 4 through....well we will leave the last number unsaid. We come from all walks of life and have been thru so much together. 2 members of our tribe are 2 crazy dogs named Lua and Paisley.

Our niche is motivation for strong women and strong women leaders. We also have a major focus on having a drug free community. We have our oldest daughter struggling with addiction and we have firsthand experience with this struggle that many families are going thru. We would like to make apparel that enforces the message that having the right 'Tribe' of friends or family can pull you thru anything. Not to mention keep you out of trouble and have your back when things get tough.

Our 'tribe' is diverse and passionate. This drives us to success and hopefully inspire others to be strong and be the leaders they were born to be.