Printer Delivered

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Printer has arrived! The delivery truck placed it right onto my trailer and I drove it right to the door it had to go thru to get it inside. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get it it all set up. With the help of Bobby Stoll, I was able to get it inside. 183 lb. mammoth of a printer and it was a beast to get in but we did it! Thanks Bobby!

The setup was pretty simple except I had to install new drivers to get it working properly. It was a learning process and I enjoyed every bit of it. It comes with the platen to print medium sized garments but I ordered the extra small, small, extra large and 8-up platen. There's no sized garment we won't be able to print on.

We also purchased the cabinet on wheels that is built for the printer. It's wicked helpful to have it on wheels because the printer is so large and you do need to get into the back of it for maintenance. The stand has the holder in the back too to hold the ink disposal. (Quick tip: it comes with a metal holder for the ink container which can be used to hold your pretreater container. It will add stability to your pretreat fluid and prevent it from tipping over.)

All for now! I have shirts to print:)


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